What medicinal plants are useful for male potency?

herbal decoction for potency

For every man, a very important indicator of the health of the reproductive system is potency, because without it, it is impossible to lead a quality sexual life and continue your family in the future. But every year it becomes more and more difficult to maintain male power. With age, the erection weakens - it becomes especially visible after 45-50 years. Also, the duration of sexual intercourse is significantly reduced due to the negative impact of psychological overload and stress on the body. As a result of such changes, men's health is declining, which cannot but cause a feeling of inferiority in patients.

There are currently many drugs to treat such disorders. And how effective are plants to increase potency in men? We suggest that we consider this issue in more detail.

Why are plants used for impotence?

Medicinal herbs to improve sexual activity are used by many members of the stronger sex. Such alternative medicines have a completely natural composition and perfectly help to restore lost male strength. To eliminate such problems, they have been used since ancient times, but in the modern world medicinal plants have been actively used to increase potency only since the late 20th century.

The use of medicinal herbs to strengthen men's health is due to the exceptional benefits that these funds have on the patient's body. They contain a huge number of useful and environmentally friendly components. This explains the absence of side effects and allergic manifestations after the use of such drugs. Herbs that enhance a man's sexual activity have several benefits at once:

potency plants
  • Excellent result - comparing medicinal herbs with ordinary potency tablets, it becomes clear that the effectiveness of drug therapy is not very high. The intake of such drugs has an effect only as long as the therapeutic agent enters the patient's body on a daily basis. But if useful plants are used for that purpose, the result is stored for a long time. Male strength returns quickly enough. Problems such as poor sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation disappear. At the same time, men are advised to give up bad habits, normalize their diet.
  • Profitability - it is not difficult to buy such a drug. Every pharmacy sells various medicinal preparations and herbs to increase potency. At the price, such a drug remains affordable to absolutely everyone.
  • No side effects - the use of natural remedies will protect the patient from the occurrence of various allergic manifestations. If side effects occur during herbal therapy, they are always small and easy to eliminate. This condition is often the result of taking these medications incorrectly or for too long. And potency pills have a number of side effects, their use adversely affects a person’s overall health and well-being.

List of useful herbs that improve sexual activity

In order for the effect of medicinal infusions and decoctions to be effective, it is necessary to consume them regularly for a certain period of time. If the systematic intake of folk remedies is violated, then it negatively affects the overall outcome of treatment. There are various herbs for potency, they can be used individually and in the form of medicinal benefits. Dried raw materials are usually used to prepare the recipe. Constant use of such drugs will alleviate erection problems and other similar disorders, make your sex life complete.

So which plants increase potency in men? The following is a list of the most popular herbs that enhance sexual activity in the stronger sex.

Medicinal ginger

This alternative medicine is very often advised to patients to improve sexual function. The people call this plant the "fruit of love", and it is not a mere coincidence. Ginger is so effective in solving potency problems that it is even comparable in strength to the popular Viagra. The beneficial effect of this drug extends not only to the patient's reproductive system, but also to all other organs. The drug stimulates the immune system thanks to vitamins and other medicinal components contained in its composition.

ginger for potency

The positive effect of ginger on male potency is achieved by activating blood circulation in the genitals, enriching the body with essential oils and amino acids. It is used fresh as well as dried or pickled. Special teas and decoctions are prepared from the plant. If desired, you can simply melt small pieces of ginger in your mouth.

Exceptional properties of primrose and celery

For men's health, well-known folk remedies such as parsley and celery rhizome are simply irreplaceable. Even many women use them to increase sexual libido. Useful greens should be added to ready meals and salads, because it is best to use such herbs to increase sexual activity fresh.

Thanks to the constant intake of these medicinal herbs in men, erection problems disappear, the quality and duration of sex improves.

Esparcet and its effectiveness

The use of esparset also has an excellent effect on male strength. The tool increases testosterone production, normalizes the balance of hormones in the body, stimulates the prostate, improves the quality of sexual life. This plant allows you to increase potency in just 1-2 weeks of use.

asparagus to increase potency

The patient will immediately feel the healing effect of such a drug. Increased secretion of androgenic hormones and activation of spermatogenesis increase sexual desire, strengthen erections. To prepare the product, you need to buy asparagus root at the pharmacy. A useful decoction is prepared from the plant, for this purpose 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry raw material is poured into 1 cup of boiled water. Then put the pan with the contents on the fire and cook for 5-10 minutes. The decoction is infused for 7-10 hours, after which it can be used for its intended purpose. It is recommended to drink about 50 ml of the medicine 2 times a day (breakfast and lunch), and the rest of the medicine in the evening.

How will Dubrovnik help with impotence?

The excellent anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are widely known in medicine. But few people know that this plant is perfect for improving the potency of the stronger sex. The tool has an expansive effect on the vessels of the whole body, and increases blood circulation in the penis. The effectiveness of the drug has been proven - after 3-4 weeks of its constant use, sexual function is almost completely restored.

Dubrovnik potency plant is very popular among men - doctors advise to use it in the treatment of pathologies of the urinary tract and prostatitis. The most famous way to use this plant is medicinal infusion. Preparation is quite simple - 1-2 tbsp. spoons of dried raw materials are mixed with 250 ml of boiling water. The tincture should be left for 2-3 hours, then strain and drink 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day. The medicine is used after a meal for a period not longer than 3-4 weeks. Then it is recommended to take a break. Dubrovnik grass in the form of infusion should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Wild oats to improve potency

The use of oats has a good effect on male potency. The grains of this plant contain a huge amount of useful components - vitamins, phospholipids and amino acids, which eliminate sexual dysfunction. These substances have a calming effect on the nerve centers of the body. This leads to a gradual restoration of the general sensitivity of the organism, especially after numerous stressful situations and experiences.

wild oats to increase potency

Wild oat decoctions increase sexual desire, energize the body and significantly prolong sexual intercourse. The drug should be taken in order to increase potency for a long time - 3-5 months. The use of plain oatmeal will also bring great benefits to men’s health.

Oregano plant - good or bad?

This plant is popularly called "forest mint". And all because oregano has similar properties - it has a long and pronounced calming effect. Such a potency plant helps to establish a man's sexual activity, save him from the negative effects of stress. It is often used even for toothache or headache.

Only oregano stems and flowers close to the ground are usually used to increase sexual function. Various medicines are subsequently prepared from these components. Often patients suffering from potency problems take decoctions of medicinal herbs as tea. The main rule in the treatment of oregano infusions is to adhere to certain doses and not to use such drinks for too long. With the help of forest mint, you can eliminate sexual dysfunction, put male power in order. This is achieved by normalizing all metabolic processes in the patient's body, as well as in the organs of his reproductive sphere. This herb shows excellent results when used as an adjunct in the treatment of alcoholism - it restores previous sexual activity to such patients.

Attention! In case of impotence in men, it is worth trying a decoction of oregano. But its long-term use can have the opposite effect and cause sexual impotence, decreased libido. Therefore, in medicine, it is allowed to drink tea with oregano for the flu or SARS, and only for a limited number of days.

What to keep in mind when treating folk remedies?

Medicinal herbs are often used to increase potency, because they are much more useful than pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. But while using non-traditional methods of therapy, it is advisable to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The use of medicinal infusions and decoctions should always be agreed with your doctor. You must first undergo a complete examination and find out the diagnosis of the disease, and then begin treatment. In addition, your doctor can advise you on the most effective herbal preparations and teas for male potency, which suit your case. This rule especially applies to middle-aged and elderly patients, who, in addition to sexual dysfunction, also have a number of chronic and asymptomatic pathologies. In such a situation, the patient often has no idea that he has high blood pressure or significantly increased blood clotting. And in the presence of such violations, it is strictly forbidden to take many folk remedies.
  • The use of herbs that increase male potency, along with the use of homeopathic remedies, is not recommended. These drugs are simply incompatible with some medicinal plants.
  • Therapy with folk remedies is recommended to be carried out separately from drug treatment. The components of pharmaceutical drugs and substances contained in herbal infusions and decoctions do not work well together. As a result, a man's health can be seriously compromised. Only occasionally do experts prescribe specially selected and tested treatment regimens, including the combined use of herbs and pharmacological agents.
  • When using medicinal herbs to enhance sexual activity, the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. At the same time, it is advisable to normalize the diet by excluding fast food and other unhealthy foods from your menu.
  • When using herbal decoctions, it is necessary to take into account the dose of the agent and not to exceed it. If the patient feels pain or discomfort after taking such a drug, it is necessary to stop using it.

Good to know! Which plants increase potency? To choose an effective herb, you need to rely on the feelings you have when taking this medicine. Every organism is unique, so if an herbal infusion is suitable for one patient, it does not mean that it will help another.

Herbal teas to strengthen men's potency

  • Recipe number 1. A remedy based on mint, clover, St. John's wort and nettle will help to achieve a quick result in the treatment of impotence. For this purpose, take 2-3 tbsp. spoons of each vegetable raw material and put them in a separate bowl. Then the ingredients must be poured with 1 liter of boiling water and put in a cool place for 1-2 hours. The cooled infusion is filtered and taken orally 3-4 times a day in the amount of 1 cup.
  • Recipe number 2. Helps increase male strength and plant collection, created from the following components: fenugreek seeds - 50 g, calamus root - 50 g, yarrow leaves - 100 g. The useful ingredients should be ground well in a meat grinder or blender to obtain a powdery mixture. Do not take more than 3 tablespoons to prepare the infusion. spoons of dry raw materials, which are then poured with 500 ml of boiled water. The drug is infused for 1 hour. Take 250 ml up to three times a day.
  • Recipe number 3. The herbal collection, which the French often use to increase sexual activity, will help strengthen men's health. For its preparation, the most popular herbs are taken: rosemary (1 tablespoon), thyme (4 tablespoons), mint (2 tablespoons). All components are carefully ground, after which a homogeneous mixture of dry raw materials is obtained. Then boiling water is added in the amount of 200-250 ml. The tincture is allowed to be used when it cools down. You can drink up to 3 glasses a day in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Bitan! Often, doctors themselves insist on using various drugs purchased at the pharmacy to increase potency. But in addition to medicines, there are many natural remedies that nature has given us - these are various plants for men. Often, their systematic use is even more effective than the effects of modern impotence pills.

When choosing herbs to increase potency, it should be borne in mind that the patient will not immediately get the result of such therapy. In this situation, the quality of treatment is affected by the regular use of the drug, and strict adherence to recommendations. It takes a lot of patience to complete a course of treatment. As a result, a man will surely get a satisfactory result in the form of improved sexual function, which will satisfy both partners.